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You may obtain an identification card or ID card in Arizona regardless of your age or ability to drive. An MVD ID card is available for an infant, child, adult or senior citizen. While there is no cost for a new ID card for seniors who are older than a certain age or otherwise eligible, other applicants will need to pay a fee to obtain an ID and when it needs to be renewed. The MVD ID card application can be completed by the prospective holder or by an authorized representative. For step-by-step instructions on the Arizona ID card application process, download our complete guide and review the below information.

Download Ui Ohio Collection Clipart Dijudicated Ex On Free Who should get an Arizona ID card?

Residents should apply for ID card credentials if they do not have a state-issued or other form of identification. Like a driver’s license, ID card information states details about the subject of the card like their name, age, address and identifying features. These identification cards also note if someone is a veteran, an organ donor or has a special medical condition. Information on Arizona identification cards and driver’s license help cardholders prove who they are, their age and where they live.

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Parents may request an identification card for their children to establish age for enrollment in school or an extracurricular activity. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) advises parents to obtain an ID card for their minor children for several reasons but specifically for an emergency. Having an MVD ID card record helps law enforcement in the event that a child goes missing and needs to distribute your child’s information. An ID card can also help safeguard minors if his or her identity is stolen, as certain government computer systems will be able to compare the information with what is on file with ADOT. Minors may also use their AZ identification cards as a primary form of identification when they apply for a drivers license.

You should also apply for an Arizona new ID card as an adult if you do not have a driver’s license or any photo identification. You may need an MVD ID card to prove your age, identity or residency, which are needed when establishing certain eligibility. For instance, AZ residents may need to prove age to sign-up for age-related sports, enter certain establishment or receive senior discounts. Proving your identity is a requirement to fly, vote, sign up for government benefits and open almost any type of account. You may also need an ID card to indicate Arizona residency when registering for certain things, such as setting up a utility or qualifying for state tuition from college in AZ. Learn more about obtaining and maintaining an Arizona identification card by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Arizona ID Card Application Methods and Process

To get a new ID card for the first time, you will have to visit an MVD office in person. However, you can make an appointment for an ID card online to ensure you do not have a long wait time. You can also start the application for identification cards online and expedite the in-person process.

To start the application for an Arizona ID card online, you will need to furnish personal information. In addition to details about your residency and identifying features, the MVD ID card application requires you to state if you had an AZ drivers license previously, have special declarations to make, were a veteran, as well as if would like to register as an organ donor or to vote. Once you complete the online ID card application, you will be able to print out an application package to bring to an MVD office in person.

You can also complete the MVD ID card application in person while at the office location. To complete the ID card application, you will need to bring the You Will Id Act The Real How Affect, which includes certified primary and secondary identification as well as any additional documents for special declarations such as proof of military service or medical condition. Each document must be in English, original or certified by the issuing agency.

Download Ui Ohio Collection Clipart Dijudicated Ex On Free The fee for applying for an Arizona ID card online is applicable to ages younger than 65 years of age unless receiving federal Supplemental Security Income disability checks. Acceptable payment methods include credit card, cash, check or money order payable to Motor Vehicle Division.

How to Replace or Renew ID Card Credentials in Arizona

Download Ui Ohio Collection Clipart Dijudicated Ex On Free You may apply to replace an ID card online under certain circumstances, including if your card was misplaced, stolen, damaged or destroyed. You may also replace ID card credentials if the information is outdated, such as having a new address or new legal name. You can apply to replace a lost ID card online by submitting personal information that verifies your MVD account. However, you are required to replace your Arizona ID card in person at an MVD office under certain circumstances, including the following:

  • Download Ui Ohio Collection Clipart Dijudicated Ex On Free You have legally changed your name.
  • You want to change your photo.

You can also renew your ID card online when it is approaching its expiration date and a new photo is not required. To renew ID card online, you will need to furnish much of the same information and pay a renewal fee. If your ID card photo needs to be updated, then you will need to visit an MVD office in person to renew your ID card.

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Download Ui Ohio Collection Clipart Dijudicated Ex On Free
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