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There are several quality vendors on the internet to chose from. Some ship from overseas like China like IDGod and some are located in the USA like IDViking. And of course there are scam sites out there as well (like idhurry). I ordered from IDGod which was alright, but it took forever to arrive. I ordered another from idhurry that never arrived (my friends lost money too). After that I visited the fakeidvendors.com forum and found good reviews for the ID Viking.

Now you ask about it being legitimate. No ID you order on the internet will ever be verified against a computer of any sort of government agency. Vendors make fake IDs that scan with the information on your ID, but they don’t have any sort of magical access to government databases. However, it is the best option out there.

Ordering off the internet is your best option. I do know some people who’ve organized groups to get discounts from vendors, but these people have gone to the same vendors on many occasions. So of course, ask your friends about their experiences as well! Good luck!

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