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As seen on Bar Rescue and the official age verification app of MillerCoors!

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Use the camera of your iPhone, iPod or iPad to scan barcode IDs.

Protect your bar, nightclub, event, casino or retail establishment from fake IDs and underage drinking while getting smarter about your customers. BCS created the best age verification solution on the market that reads drivers licenses from all 50 states and all Canadian provinces.

BCS is not your standard ID scanning software. When a patron’s ID is scanned, four pieces of anonymous information are sent to our database (time of scan, age, gender and zip code). We analyze this information and let you access it on our website. You can see patron flow over the night, week or month; compare different time periods; view gender splits on different nights; the most popular age ranges and average age; most popular zip codes, etc. Figure out if your marketing and advertising campaigns are working.

Reading mag stripe IDs requires the use of a hardware attachment which can be rented or bought online at

Version 20.5.6

Minor bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

2.9 out of 5
189 Ratings

189 Ratings

Bar ID Scanner ,

Super App For Scanning

I own a bar in Houston Texas and have been using this app for about two years and is a great tool to help prevent underage drinking in the use of fake IDs. We routinely pick off about five take IDs and night. All of our bartenders have it on their phones for weekdays when we don’t have a doorman. I also subscribe to the online data statistics. Also with my Facebook marketing. It also helps me keep my staff and check.

If I only see 20 IDs scabbard on a Wednesday night I know my staff is not doing their job. I pay for them to use the ID scanner and if they are not using it, they definitely hear from me.

I can also confidently say their tech-support is amazing. We had to update our credit card info and cannot figure out how to do it. We placed a call and was quickly taken care of. They are in New York’s and on Eastern standard time, but answered late at night.

Donates Hau Truck City Angeles To Tow Iorbitnews –

I can confidently say that this is a great tool for any thing it says alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. There’s no need to take guess about whether an ID is real. Get a legal record of it. I now know everyone who I do business with. There was a fight last year and we could easily narrow it down to the people who enter any certain time, and find those people.

Be smart and proactive. Don’t wait into you serve a minor to get all the scanner. I hope all Houston bars use this service.

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Scanned Real ID as Fake

This app is wack. I went to a local restaurant and attempted to order a beer. They said my ID was out of state and needed to scan it. They used this app to scan my REAL ID and it kept coming up as fake. I had my ID renewed in February and also had the expired one too. I showed both as proof that it’s not a fake and that I just got it renewed. My old one came up as expired and the new renewed one as a fake.

I think that this app is very unreliable and that it is crazy to me that a 22 year old is being marked as underage while fakes are being marked as “of age.” It is also crazy how every time I go to this place I basically have to take my passport with me.

I called the DMV about this for the state of NJ but the scanners and the DMV are not related at all and that the DMV has issued me a real ID.

This app is literally a buzz kill and should not be used by any bar or restaurant that wants an accurate representation of which IDs are real and which are fake.

Donates Hau Truck City Angeles To Tow Iorbitnews –
Donates Hau Truck City Angeles To Tow Iorbitnews –
Hacksackowl123 ,

App is solid

This app is pretty solid! For individuals who have Fake ID can certainly test it on this app to determine whether it will work . Fact of the matter is that the manufacturers of Fake ID took their game up a notch producing ID’s that will pass the scan.

On the other hand, I certainly understand how this may be a problem for some businesses for it is a liability/violation.

The app works! But be cautious for it will show some fake IDs as valid .

Donates Hau Truck City Angeles To Tow Iorbitnews –

Donates Hau Truck City Angeles To Tow Iorbitnews – Information

mac tichner
60.9 MB
Donates Hau Truck City Angeles To Tow Iorbitnews – Compatibility

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Rated 4+
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